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Ware, M. Wind Turbine Effects Felt on a Daily Basis

Letter to the Editor – Hamilton Spectator, July 16, 2016 Melissa Ware – Cape Bridgewater MP Dan Tehan has stood by allowing these developments and has virtually ignored these issues. Not once has he stood up … Read On »

Wind Turbine Noise – A Simple Statement of Facts – The Australian Experience

WIND TURBINE NOISE A Simple Statement of Facts – The Australian Experience March 2016  Emission of Sound and Vibration Wind turbine blades produce airborne pressure waves (correctly labelled sound pressure waves but often called noise). Noise … Read On »

Schomer, P. Comments in Acoustics Today About Prof Leventhall’s Paper, July 2013

COMMENTS ON RECENTLY PUBLISHED ARTICLE, “CONCERNS ABOUT INFRASOUND FROM WIND TURBINES” Paul D. Schomer Schomer and Associates, Inc. Excerpts from Acoustics Today – October 2013 “Around the world there are people who report that they can … Read On »

Emeritus Prof Colin Hansen, Submission to Senate Inquiry into Wind Turbines

Submission to the Senate Select Committee on Wind Turbines Submission No 50 Emeritus Professor Colin H Hansen, University of Adelaide February 24, 2015 Thank you for the invitation to provide a submission to this enquiry. My … Read On »

Cooper, S. Cape Bridgewater Public Meeting – Answers to Written Questions

Written Questions Written questions were provided to Pacific Hydro In view of the number of questions, Pacific Hydro have grouped them into different categories. A number of the questions have been answered in full or in … Read On »

Kugler, et al Royal Society, Low Frequency Sound Affects Active Micromechanics in the Human Inner Ear

ROYAL SOCIETY OPEN SCIENCE, RESEARCH August 18, 2014 Kathrin Kugler1,3, Lutz Wiegrebe3, Benedikt Grothe3, Manfred Kössl4, Robert Gürkov1,2, Eike Krause1,2 and Markus Drexl1,2 1 German Center for Vertigo and Balance Disorders (IFB), and 2 Department of Otorhinolaryngology, … Read On »

Enbom, H. Infrasound From Wind Turbines Can Trigger Migraine and Related Symptoms

Authored by Håkan Enbom, MD, PhD, Ear/Nose/Throat specialist, and specialist in otoneurology and dizziness disorders, employed at the City Health ENT, … Read On »