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Mayor Calls for Urgent Review, Wellington Gas Fired Power Station. Wellington Times

Wellington mayor calls for an urgent review into Gas Fired Power Station Wellington Times March 23, 2015, 8 a.m. “Why would you want to risk doing this to Wellington” The NSW deputy premier and Member for … Read On »

Sannikka, M. EPA Licence for Bodangora Wind Farm

28 January 2016 EPA Far West Operations Attention: Michelle Gibson Email: [email protected] RE: BODANGORA WIND FARM – MP10_0157 – MOD 1 I am a retiree living at Wellington. I started general noise testing in 1969, working … Read On »

Sannikka, M. Wellington Council/ERM Meeting re Wellington Gas Fired Power Station

27 April 2015 Re: WELLINGTON COUNCILLORS/ERM MEETING 15 APRIL 2015 AT COUNCIL CHAMBERS Dear Mayor Rod Buhr In my letter to you dated 21 April 2015 I listed various bullet points of incorrect data by ERM. … Read On »

Sannikka, M ERM’s Incorrect Isopleth Data, Wellington’s Proposed Gas-Fired Power Station

Dear Mayor Rod Buhr 12 May 2015 Re: ERM’s incorrect isopleth data for Wellington’s proposed Gas-Fired Power Station I am disappointed that as an elected representative, you (and ERM) have chosen to try and intimidate me … Read On »