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Open Letter to Victorian Premier Denis Napthine

These are your constituents, Premier. How would you feel if it was vulnerable members of your own family in the position these constituents of yours find themselves in? Dear Premier Napthine, I have been advised that … Read On »

Robinson, S. Mental Health Aspects of Coal Seam Gas Mining

Dr Steve Robinson, Psychiatrist Submission to NSW Inquiry Into Coal Seam Gas, August 2011 “Mining has extensive health impacts at each stage from exploration to rehabilitation. The mental health impacts arise from both the psychosocial stressors … Read On »

Krogh, Risk of Harm to Children from Industrial Wind Turbines

Health Canada Wind Turbine Noise and Health Study – Health Impacts and Exposure to Wind Turbine Noise: Research Design and … Read On »

Clean Energy Regulator – Letter of Notice

Letter of Notice – to the Clean Energy Regulator, Australia April 5 2013 The Board members of the Waubra Foundation wish to advise that we are formally putting you individually on notice that the Clean Energy … Read On »

Acoustic Pollution Assessment Requirements

On behalf of the many people around the world, suffering acute and chronic health damage from living near wind turbines and other emitters of infrasound, low frequency noise and vibration, the Waubra Foundation demands that relevant … Read On »

Dickinson, P. Pragmatic View of a Wind Turbine Noise Standard

Professor Philip J Dickinson, New Zealand ABSTRACT – New Zealand Standard 6808:2010 Acoustics – wind farm noise is unique in that it … Read On »