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Zajamsek et al, Investigation: Time Dependent Nature of Infrasound Measured Near Wind Farm

Investigation of the time dependent nature of infrasound measured near a wind farm Branko ZAJAMŠEK; Kristy HANSEN; Colin HANSEN University of Adelaide, Australia ABSTRACT It is well-known that wind farm noise is dominated by low-frequency energy … Read On »

Collector Wind Development Planning Decision, Waubra Foundation Submission

To All Responsible Individuals, including the Planning Minister and the Director General of the NSW Planning Department September 24, 2012  I have been asked by concerned residents of the region surrounding the proposed Collector wind Development … Read On »

Response to Prof Leventhall’s Comments, Aust Senate Inquiry – Excessive Noise – Wind Farms Bill

Reproduction of correspondence with the Federal Senate Inquiry Secretariat which they declined to publish at the time. 27th November, 2012 RESPONSE TO PROFESSOR LEVENTHALL’S COMMENTS TO AUSTRALIAN FEDERAL SENATE INQUIRY INTO EXCESSIVE NOISE FROM WIND FARMS … Read On »