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Bell, Dr A. NHMRC Draft Information Paper Submission

The literature that the Information Paper relies on to make its conclusions on noise from windfarms can be characterised as scientifically incomplete and misleading.  This submission is by Dr Andrew Bell, a Visiting Fellow at the … Read On »

Vic. Premier Andrews, Re Changes to Wind Development Planning & Regulation

 OPEN LETTER March 24, 2015 Dear Premier, Re: Changes to Wind Development Planning and Regulation I refer you to previous correspondence [1] in which the Waubra Foundation ensured you and fellow relevant Ministers were legally on … Read On »

Laurie, S. Response to George Hessler Research Comments

 5th March, 2015 Mr George Hessler Hessler Associates Inc Consultants in Engineering Acoustics Dear George, Re: Your comments about the Pacific Hydro funded Cape Bridgewater Research by Steven Cooper Thank you for your public comments about … Read On »

King, Simon. Legal Move Threatened After Media Watch Report

Credit:  Simon King, Senior Reporter, Sydney | The Australian | 23 February 2015  Acoustic expert Steven Cooper is considering launching legal action against the ABC’s Media Watch program for its portrayal of him and his research … Read On »

NHMRC Draft Information Paper Expert Reviews: Evidence on Wind Farms & Health

NATIONAL HEALTH AND MEDICAL RESEARCH COUNCIL EXPERT REVIEW: COMMENTS IN FULL NHMRC Draft Information Paper: Evidence on Wind Farms and Human Health February 2015 Copyright © Commonwealth of Australia 2015 Table of Contents Professor Takayuki Kagayama … Read On »

Ambrose, S. Letter to Prof Warwick Anderson, CEO, NHMRC

 S.E. Ambrose & Associates  15 Great Falls Road, Windham, ME 04062 Acoustics, Environmental Sound & Industrial February 14, 2015 Mr. Warwick Anderson, Chief Executive Australia National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Ref: Acoustic Testing Program, … Read On »