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Heaton-Harris, Wind Turbine Noise & Amplitude Modulation Study, UK Nov 2014

Chris Heaton‐Harris MP (Daventry, Conservative) House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA, November 2014 Foreword & Objectives “There are big gaps between the way in which opposing stakeholders see the issue and scale of noise from industrial … Read On »

Bulgana Wind Farm – Draft Planning Permit Conditions

Planning Permit Application 5.2014.76.1 Bulgana Wind Farm DRAFT PLANNING PERMIT CONDITIONS (Excerpt covering Noise) NOISE Performance requirement  The operation of the wind energy facility must comply with New Zealand Standard 6808:2010, Acoustics – Wind Farm Noise … Read On »

Emergency Aid Sought for Families Suffering Around Wind Turbines

Brown County, Wisconsin, Board of Health acknowledges adverse health effects On January 10, 2012 the Brown County Board of Health adopted .. a resolution requesting emergency State aid for families suffering around industrial wind turbines. Download the full resolution … Read On »

Questions Blowing in the Wind, Waterloo South Australia

Graham Lloyd, Environment editor The Australian newspaper, April 21, 2012 FROM the low mountain ridge, 3km in the distance, the … Read On »