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Cooper, S. Results of AcousticTesting Program at Cape Bridgewater – Public Presentation

 The Results of an Acoustic Testing Program Cape Bridgewater Wind Farm Portland Golf Club 16th February 2015 Relationship of wind farm noise to impacts Step 1 Use Acousticians & Psychoacousticians  Acoustic measurements – of wind farm … Read On »

Kugler, et al Royal Society, Low Frequency Sound Affects Active Micromechanics in the Human Inner Ear

ROYAL SOCIETY OPEN SCIENCE, RESEARCH August 18, 2014 Kathrin Kugler1,3, Lutz Wiegrebe3, Benedikt Grothe3, Manfred Kössl4, Robert Gürkov1,2, Eike Krause1,2 and Markus Drexl1,2 1 German Center for Vertigo and Balance Disorders (IFB), and 2 Department of Otorhinolaryngology, … Read On »

Berglund, B. Lindvall, T. Community Noise

Community Noise, edited by Birgitta Berglund & Thomas Lindvall Stockholm, Sweden, 1995 This document was published by the World Health … Read On »

WHO Guidelines for Community Noise

In a wide ranging study of environmental noise, this WHO document says: “Specific effects to be considered when setting community noise guidelines include: “interference with communication; noise-induced hearing loss, sleep disturbance effects; cardiovascular and psycho-physiological effects; … Read On »