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Haider et al. Magnesium Treatment Palliates Noise-Induced Behavioral Deficits…

Springer Link Original Article Metabolic Brain Disease pp 1-11 First online: 01 March 2016 Magnesium treatment palliates noise-induced behavioral deficits by normalizing DAergic and 5-HTergic metabolism in adult male rats Saida Haider; Sadia Sadir; Fizza Naqvi; … Read On »

Leventhall, HG, Low Frequency Noise and Annoyance. 2004

LOW FREQUENCY NOISE AND ANNOYANCE Noise & Health, Bimonthly Inter-disciplinary International Journal HG Leventhall Noise and Vibration Consultant, Ashtead, Surrey, United Kingdom Abstract Low frequency noise, the frequency range from about 10Hz to 200Hz, has been … Read On »

Wollar Progress Assoc. Submission to 2015 Select Committee on Wind Turbines

May 4, 2015 Submission on “any related matter”  Wollar Progress Association represents a small rural community within the Mid-Western Regional local government area in central NSW. The community has been severely impacted by noise pollution from … Read On »

Bulgana Wind Farm – Draft Planning Permit Conditions

Planning Permit Application 5.2014.76.1 Bulgana Wind Farm DRAFT PLANNING PERMIT CONDITIONS (Excerpt covering Noise) NOISE Performance requirement  The operation of the wind energy facility must comply with New Zealand Standard 6808:2010, Acoustics – Wind Farm Noise … Read On »

Vestas Warns of Possible Noise & Other Risks From Its Wind Turbines, Falmouth

SOLAYA A DIVISION OF LUMUS CONSTRUCTION, INC. August 3, 2010 Mr. Gerald Potamis Wastewater Superintendent Town of Falmoµth Public Works 59 Town Hall Square Falmouth, MA 02540 RE: Falmouth WWTF Wind Energy Facility II ‘Wind II”, … Read On »

Pedersen et al. Indoor Measurements of Noise at Low Frequencies-Problens & Solutions

Steffen Pedersen, Henrik Møller, and Kerstin Persson Waye Journal of Low Frequency Noise, Vibration and Active Control, Vol. 26, No. 4, 2007 ABSTRACT: Due to standing waves, the sound pressure level within a room may vary … Read On »