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Victorian Planning Guidelines – Incompetent to Protect Health & Wellbeing

The Waubra Foundation has made a thorough examination of the capacity of the Victorian Planning Policy Framework as amended by VC78 and the Policy and Planning Guidelines for Wind Energy Projects in Victoria (July 2012) to protect … Read On »

Madigan, Sen J. Speech in Australian Senate about Non-Compliant Wind Farms

Senator John Madigan (Victoria) addressed the Australian Federal Senate on 10th December 2013, exposing evidence of a history of systemic … Read On »

Wind Energy Projects – A Moral Dilemma

Wind Projects, the Moral Dilemma – A Rational Solution Put simply the moral dilemma is: Should State governments allow wind projects to continue operating in the present mode and/or honour permits for yet unbuilt projects in … Read On »

Testimony, Samantha Stepnell, Waubra, Senate Inquiry Into Wind Farms

Samantha & Carl Stepnell have abandoned their home and taken their children to live far away from the turbines that surround their farm Renewable Energy (Electricty) Amendment (Excessive Noise from Windfarms) Bill 2012 This wind farm … Read On »

Private Members Bill Calls for Adequately Resourced Research

Judy Moylan, MP, Hansard, Australian Parliament March 19, 2012 Judy Moylan MP introduces a Private Member’s Bill calling on the … Read On »