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Mysterious Windsor Hum Traced to Zug Island, Michigan. CBC News

CBC News, May 23, 2014 The source of the mysterious Windsor Hum in the southwestern Ontario city is on Zug Island — in River Rouge, Mich. — according to a federally funded report released today. Essex Conservative MP … Read On »

Stelling, K. Infrasound, Low Frequency Noise and Industrial Wind Turbines

An information report prepared for the MULTI- MUNICIPAL WIND TURBINE WORKING GROUP Compiled by: Keith Stelling, MA, (McMaster) MNIMH, MCPP (England) Reviewed by: William K. Palmer, P. Eng Carmen Krogh, BSc (Pharm), provided comments on the … Read On »

Rogers, Linda Witness Statement, Environmental Review Tribunal, Ontario 2014

Witness Statement Prepared by: Linda J Rogers NP-PHC. Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner Haldimand County, Ontario Submitted: December 8, 2014 ENVIRONMENTAL REVIEW TRIBUNAL: Case No. 14-096 Mothers Against Wind Turbines Inc., v. Director, Ministry of the … Read On »

NAPAW – Case of Widespread Consumer Fraud & Systemic Government Abetted Torture

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE North American Platform Against Wind Power November 9, 2014 A case of widespread consumer fraud and systemic … Read On »