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Schomer, P. Comments in Acoustics Today About Prof Leventhall’s Paper, July 2013

COMMENTS ON RECENTLY PUBLISHED ARTICLE, “CONCERNS ABOUT INFRASOUND FROM WIND TURBINES” Paul D. Schomer Schomer and Associates, Inc. Excerpts from Acoustics Today – October 2013 “Around the world there are people who report that they can … Read On »

Ambrose, S. Letter to Prof Warwick Anderson, CEO, NHMRC

 S.E. Ambrose & Associates  15 Great Falls Road, Windham, ME 04062 Acoustics, Environmental Sound & Industrial February 14, 2015 Mr. Warwick Anderson, Chief Executive Australia National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Ref: Acoustic Testing Program, … Read On »

Cooper, S. Measurement of Infrasound & Low Frequency Noise for Wind Farms (Amended Version), Denver 2013

Steven Cooper, The Acoustic Group Pty. Ltd. 5th International Conference on Wind Turbine Noise, Denver 28-30 August, 2013 This amended … Read On »

Clean Energy Regulator – Letter of Notice

Letter of Notice – to the Clean Energy Regulator, Australia April 5 2013 The Board members of the Waubra Foundation wish to advise that we are formally putting you individually on notice that the Clean Energy … Read On »