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Cooper S. Sensation As An Impact From Wind Turbines

Steven Cooper (the Acoustic Group Pty Ltd) – [email protected] Presented at the 169th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America, Pittsburgh, May 2015   An acoustic investigation of the Cape Bridgewater Wind Farm was required to … Read On »

Stepanov,V. Health Risk Factors of Low Frequency Noise Oscillation Below 20 Hz

Dr Vladimir Stepanov State Research Center of Russia Moscow, Russia Biological Effects of Low frequency Acoustic Oscillations and Their Hygienic Regulation Basic physical concepts According to the adopted classification, the infrasound is defined as sound oscillations … Read On »

Testimony of Mary Morris & Wanda Allott, SA Select Committee on Wind Developments

South Australian Parliament SELECT COMMITTEE ON WIND FARM DEVELOPMENTS IN SOUTH AUSTRALIA Held at Clare Country Club, White Hut Road, Clare Wednesday 17 July 2013 at 1:45pm MEMBERS: Hon. D.W. Ridgway MLC (Chairperson) Hon. M. Parnell … Read On »

Moller H, Pedersen, CS. Hearing at Low and Infrasonic Frequencies

Hearing at Low and Infrasonic Frequencies H. Møller and C. S. Pedersen Department of Acoustics, Aalborg University The human perception of sound at frequencies below 200 Hz is reviewed. Knowledge about our perception of this frequency … Read On »

Testimony, Carl Stepnell, Senate Inquiry into Wind Farms 2011

Carl & Samantha Stepnell and their 3 children were forced to abandon their 10yo home on the family farm after suffering debilitating ill health from Acciona’s Waubra wind farm. In a submission to the Australian Federal … Read On »

Leventhall, G. Effects on Performance Due to LFN (Sick Building Syndrome)

Effects on performance and work quality due to Low Frequency Ventilation Noise K. Persson Waye, R. Rylander, S. Benton, H.G. Leventhall, 1997 Journal of Sound and Vibration A pilot study was carried out to assess method … Read On »