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Thorne, R. Submission to Senate Inquiry into Wind Farms

Dr Robert Thorne entitled his submission: Wind Farms in a Rural Environment Potential for Serious Harm to Human Health Due to Noise Senate Inquiry into the Social and Economic Impacts of Rural Wind Farms January 2011 Dr … Read On »

Dr. Owen F. Black MD, Neuro-otologist, re Wind Turbine Syndrome

DR OWEN F. BLACK, M.D. Submission to Planning Hearing, Illinois USA, May 2009 “I am a medical doctor specializing in neuro·otology, … Read On »

Pierpont, Wind Turbine Syndrome – Executive Summary

Dr Nina Pierpont  These are the findings: 1) Wind turbines cause wind turbine syndrome. We know this because people have … Read On »

Broner, N. The Effects of Low Frequency Noise on People – A Review

Journal of Sound and Vibration (1978) 58(4), 483-500 THE EFFECTS OF LOW FREQUENCY NOISE ON PEOPLE­ – A REVIEW N. BRONER Department of Physics, Chelsea College, University of London, London S W6 5PR, England ( Received … Read On »