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Laurie, S. Wind Turbine Noise, Adverse Health Effects and Professional Ethics

Sarah Laurie’s Address for the Human Rights Conference, Falmouth USA, October 2013 “Wind Turbine Noise, Adverse Health Effects & Professional … Read On »

Chapman, S. St George, A. Factoid of Wind Turbines Causing ‘Vibroacoustic Disease’ – ‘Irrefutably Demonstrated’

How the factoid of wind turbines causing ‘Vibroacoustic Disease’ came to be ‘irrefutably demonstrated’ Chapman S. and St George A. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health June, 2013; 33: 244-249 (from the Public Health Association of … Read On »

Victorian Depart. of Health, FOI Document, Prof Simon Chapman to the Department re Health & Wind Turbines

VICTORIAN DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH – RELEASED UNDER FREEDOM OF INFORMATION From: “Simon Chapman” To: <Stephanie.Williams Date: 06/07/2011 02:59 PM RE: Wind farm research ———————————————————————————————————– Apols – last one was to subscriber only site. Try this … Read On »