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Jennings, Nick. New Zealand “AMA Ignored Science Of Wind Turbine Noise”

A considerable number of years ago, when I had the privilege of being the Chairman of the New Zealand Mountain … Read On »

Australian Environment Foundation. Request for Answers from AMA

The AMA’s certitude over the absence of adverse health impacts in light of the acknowledged paucity of conclusive quality medical … Read On »

Video – ‘WIND RUSH’ (abridged version)

April 9, 2014 This abridged version of WIND RUSH brings together the most important interviews and scientific findings from the documentary that first … Read On »

Prof. Alec Salt Expresses Deepest Disappointment in Victorian Dept. of Health Report

Alec N. Salt, Ph.D., Professor of Otolaryngology Jeffery T. Lichtenhan, Ph.D, Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology Washington University in St. Louis, School of Medicine… deepest disappointment with the lack of objectivity in the recent report from the … Read On »

Video: Wind Turbines & Public Health

In December 2011, the Waubra Foundation released this video to provide an overview of the issue to date. Wind turbines … Read On »