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Supreme Court Grants Permanent Injunction Against Wind Turbine Construction

Sowers (appellant) vs Hall & Forest Hills Subdivision (respondends) State of Nevada Supreme Court grants permanent injunction against wind turbine construction, February 2013 One reason given for granting the permanent injunction was that the turbine would … Read On »

Hardscrabble Wind Energy Project – Legal Proceedings

Noise affected residents issue legal proceedings against the developers, operators and acoustician/noise engineer of the Hardscrabble Wind Project to the New York Supreme Court, October 2012 A team of US lawyers is suing the Spanish Wind Company Iberdrola … Read On »

Parkville Residents Association Submission to Senate Inquiry

An example of low frequency noise from other sources, in this case a large laboratory building erected within an inner suburban residental area affecting the health of some of the nearby residents living in the adjoining suburb … Read On »

Dr Amanda Harry – Groundbreaking Survey of Sick Residents

In 2003 Dr Amanda Harry, a rural General Practitioner from Cornwall in the United Kingdom was the first Medical Practitioner … Read On »