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Aust. Environment Minister Ltr re RET and Concerns About Wind Farms

  June 23, 2015 Environment Minister Greg Hunt writes to Senators regarding the RET, and concerns about wind farms. Senator Bob Day Senator Jacquie Lambie Senator David Leyonhjelm Senator John Madigan Dear Senators The reinstatement of … Read On »

Clean Energy Regulator Deflects Complaint – Macarthur Wind Farm Compliance

15 December, 2014 Ms Ann Gardner Dear Ms Gardner, Thank you for your email to the Chair of the Clean Energy Regulator, dated 18 November 2014, making a formal complaint about noise and vibration from the … Read On »

Open Letter to Federal Government Damage to Rural Australians from RET

June 1, 2015 Members of the House of Representatives and Senators Australian Federal Parliament OPEN LETTER Deliberate Harm to the Health of Rural Australians, via the RET, Enabled by the CER, via Parliament Tomorrow, the Bill … Read On »