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Punch, James A Four-Decade History of Evidence: Wind Turbines Pose Risks

Wind Turbine Noise and Human Health: A Four-Decade History of Evidence that Wind Turbines Pose Risks “The reviewed evidence overwhelmingly supports the notion that acoustic emissions from Industrial Wind Turbines is a leading cause of Adverse … Read On »

Ontario Court Allows Lawsuits Against Wind Company & Landowners…Just a Matter of Time

Court accepts 22% to 50% loss of property values is occuring today: Court and Wind Company also acknowledge health and noise issues in context of motion Media Release by Eric K. Gillespie Professional Corporation Toronto, Ontario … Read On »

Leventhall, Witness Statement, Erickson, Chatham-Kent, Kent Breeze Corp

WITNESS STATEMENT OF Dr. Geoff Leventhall Independent acoustical consultant, January 17, 2011 Case Nos.: 10-121 and 10-122 In the matter … Read On »

Punch, J et al, Wind Turbine Noise, What Audiologists Should Know

Noise from modern wind turbines is not known to cause hearing loss, but the low-frequency noise and vibration emitted by … Read On »