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David, A. Thorne, R. Stand-off Distances From a Wind Farm

An Underpinning Methodology to Derive Stand-off Distances from a Wind Farm 20th International Congress on Sound and Vibration, (ICSV20) Bangkok, Thailand … Read On »

Thorne R, Shepherd D, Quiet as an Environmental Value

Robert Thorne & Daniel Shepherd: Quiet as an Environment Value: A Contrast between Two Legislative Approaches July 3, 2013 We present a description of legislative approaches taken in Queensland (Australia) and New Zealand to define wellbeing … Read On »

Thorne, R. Submission to Senate Inquiry into Wind Farms

Dr Robert Thorne entitled his submission: Wind Farms in a Rural Environment Potential for Serious Harm to Human Health Due to Noise Senate Inquiry into the Social and Economic Impacts of Rural Wind Farms January 2011 Dr … Read On »