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Australian Environment Foundation. Request for Answers from AMA

The AMA’s certitude over the absence of adverse health impacts in light of the acknowledged paucity of conclusive quality medical … Read On »

Cooper, S. Submission to Excessive Noise from Wind Farms Inquiry

Steven Cooper, The Acoustic Group Pty Ltd, Consulting Acoustical & Vibration Engineers Submission to the Senate Inquiry into Excessive Noise … Read On »

Hansard, Excessive Noise Bill, Public Hearing, 14 November, 2012

Australian Government Hansard – Senate: Environment & Communications Legislation Committee Renewable Energy (Electricity) Amendment (Excessive Noise from Wind Farms) Bill … Read On »

Australian Federal Senate Inquiry into Wind Farms & Health – Report (incl. Recommendations)

Following an extensive public inquiry, the Federal Senate Inquiry into The Social & Economic Effect of Rural Wind Farms, tabled its Report in June … Read On »

ABC TV – 7.30 Report by Cheryl Hall

April 1st, 2011 Award winning reporter Cheryl Hall reporting on wind turbine related health problems and the first Federal Senate … Read On »

Dr Nina Pierpont Submission to Australian Senate Inquiry

Dr Nina Pierpont, MD, PhD, whose pioneering peer-reviewed study into the adverse health effects of inappropriately sited wind turbines coined the … Read On »