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The Windwahn Story

In the 1990s, Jutta and her partner began searching for an idyllic farmhouse in Germany’s northern countryside. Instead they stumbled … Read On »

Hartman, Critique of Dept Planning Wind Health Impact Statement

Dr Raymond S. Hartman June 2013 Critique of the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Planning (DEP)  “Wind Turbine Health Impact Study, … Read On »

Jeffery, Krogh, Horner: Adverse Health Effects of Industrial Wind Turbines

Canadian Family Physician, Vol 59: May 2013 Roy D. Jeffery MD FCFP, Carmen Krogh, Brett Horner CMA Canadian family physicians … Read On »

Ontario Court Allows Lawsuits Against Wind Company & Landowners…Just a Matter of Time

Court accepts 22% to 50% loss of property values is occuring today: Court and Wind Company also acknowledge health and noise issues in context of motion Media Release by Eric K. Gillespie Professional Corporation Toronto, Ontario … Read On »

Mason County (Michigan) Wind Farm Neighbours Sue Operators

Mason County wind farm neighbors sue Consumers Energy, claim physical harm from Lake Winds Energy Park John S. Hausman, The Muskego Chronicle April 8, 2013 UPDATE: Consumers Energy: Wind farm meets permit requirements; flicker being fixed … Read On »

Supreme Court Grants Permanent Injunction Against Wind Turbine Construction

Sowers (appellant) vs Hall & Forest Hills Subdivision (respondends) State of Nevada Supreme Court grants permanent injunction against wind turbine construction, February 2013 One reason given for granting the permanent injunction was that the turbine would … Read On »

Dr Sandy Reider Testimony, Calls for Moratorium on Wind Farms

Dr Reider’s Testimony to the Vermont State Legislature, calls for a moritorium on wind projects until further understanding of the … Read On »