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Bald Hills Farmers Win Supreme Court Battle Over Noisy Turbines

Michael Fowler, The Age Newspaper, 25 March 2022 Farmers win wind farm battle, court rules turbines too noisy Victoria’s Supreme Court has ruled in favour of two Gippsland farmers who say a neighbouring wind farm has … Read On »

Havekes et al. Sleep Deprivation Causes Memory Deficits by Negatively Impacting Neuronal Connectivity in Hippocampal Area CA1

Robbert Havekes1,2*, Alan J Park1†, Jennifer C Tudor1, Vincent G Luczak1, Rolf T Hansen1, Sarah L Ferri1, Vibeke M Bruinenberg2, Shane G Poplawski1, Jonathan P Day3, Sara J Aton4, Kasia Radwan´ ska5, Peter Meerlo2, Miles D … Read On »

Havekes et al. Sleep Deprivation Causes Memory Deficits….

How Sleep Deprivation Harms Memory Neuroscience News August 23, 2016 Summary: Researchers report sleep deprivation may lead to a loss of connectivity between hippocampal neurons. Source: eLife. Researchers from the Universities of Groningen (Netherlands) and Pennsylvania … Read On »

Haggerty, F. Wind Energy Insurance Claims Massachusetts Devastating

The Town of Falmouth has made the decision to call its insurance company, Massachusetts Interlocal Insurance Association, to make a claim. Frank Haggerty (Open Post) – August 5, 2016 The Massachusetts municipal insurance sector has grown … Read On »

Irwin, Michael, et al. Sleep Disturbance, Sleep Duration, and Inflammation: A Systematic Review…

Sleep Disturbance, Sleep Duration, and Inflammation: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Cohort Studies and Experimental Sleep Deprivation Michael R. Irwin, Richard Olmstead, Judith E. Carroll Biological Psychiatry: A Journal of Psychiatric Neuroscience and Therapeutics DOI: … Read On »

Nicholson, R. Submission to Senate Select Committee on Wind Turbines

Rikki Nicholson, Senate submission No 337 I am writing as a Pacific Hydro wind factory refugee from Cape Bridgewater, whose family has endured six years of horrendous impacts including sleep deprivation, severe headaches, severe nausea, inability … Read On »

Hetherington J. Open Letter to NHMRC Regarding Research Into Wind Turbines & Health Impacts

I am a PERFECT candidate for research into this noise pollution. My home is TOXIC and I cannot live in it for any length of time. ………………………………………………………… From: Jan Hetherington Sent: Wednesday, 30 March 2016 12:14 PM To: ‘[email protected]‘ … Read On »

Wainfleet: Stop Issuing Feed-In­-Tariff Contracts for Wind Power

51 Ontario Municipalities endorse resolution Erie Media March 4, 2016 The Township of Wainfleet has gained support from 51 other municipalities in Ontario who have endorsed the Townships resolution calling on the Ontario government to not … Read On »

Polish Ombudsman – Rights of Residents Living Near Wind Farms

Poland’s Ombudsman stands up for the rights of residents living near wind farms How can we help people who have wind turbines above their homes? Earlier this month Poland’s Commissioner for Human Rights (CHR) addressed this … Read On »

Hallstein, Dr W. Ltr to Falmouth Zoning Board of Appeals

William Hallstein, MD 14 January, 2016 To: Zoning Board of Appeals, Falmouth, MA Subject: Wind turbine permitting Dear members of the Zoning Board of Appeals, I am submitting this letter for your consideration as you contemplate … Read On »