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Nausea, Sleep Disorders, Depression..Testimonials Rise Against Wind Turbines

Guillaume Chazouillères, June 26, 2015 CAPITAL MAGAZINE, FRANCE Nausea, sleep disorders, depression … testimonials of residents rise against the wind turbines! Nearly fifteen years after the first development of wind farms in France, are we on … Read On »

Abbasi et al Wind Turbine Noise & Workers’ Sleep Disorder, Majil Wind Farm, Iran.

Effect of Wind Turbine Noise on Workers’ Sleep Disorder: A Case Study of Manjil Wind Farm in Northern Iran Milad Abbasi et al, Fluct. Noise Lett. 14, 1550020 (2015) [15 pages] DOI: 10.1142/S0219477515500200 Milad Abbasi, PostGraduate Student Tehran … Read On »

Everson, K. How Wind Turbines Affect Human Health

How Wind Turbines Affect Human Health Alternative Energy Alternative Fuels Posted in Health Care & Medical Kinetic or wind energy is a clean and environmentally friendly source of power that is commonly used on a global … Read On »

Chevallier, Dr L. Wind Turbines, Ecological Sham & New Public Health Tragedy

Dr Laurent Chevallier, Le Point. October 24, 2014 People swear by these symbols of ecological cleanness. Yet there is an … Read On »

Hanning, Evidence for Proposed Straboy Wind Farm

Dr Christopher Hanning, specialist in sleep medicine and sleep disorders; evidence for proposed Straboy Wind Farm, Ireland, October 2012 Dr Hanning’s report covers … “the basic physiology of sleep. Noise can disturb sleep by causing awakenings, … Read On »

Krogh, C. Survey of Investigations Being Conducted by Physicians & Specialists, Feb. 2013

Adverse health effects, industrial wind turbines: Survey of investigations being conducted by physicians and specialists, Carmen Krogh, Society for Wind … Read On »