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Vue, B. Letter to Marie-Eve Héroux, WHO Environmental Noise Guidelines for the European Region

On July 22, 2016, Blandine Vue from France wrote to Marie-Eve Héroux, member of the panel developing the WHO Environmental Noise Guidelines for the European Region: “Vibrations of my house, and of the whole valley” “The … Read On »

Sadeh, A. Consequences of Sleep Loss or Sleep Disruption in Children

Avi Sadeh, DSc Elsevier Saunders Sleep Medicine Clinics, Sleep Med Clin 2 (2007) 513–520 The literature on the effects or consequences of sleep loss and sleep disruptions in children has dramatically increased over the last two … Read On »

Shepherd D, Hanning C, Thorne, R Noise: Windfarms

Noise : Windfarms Paper published in the Encyclopedia of Environmental Management (peer review panel for all articles) Daniel Shepherd, Chris … Read On »