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Pagano, M. The Independent, Are Wind Farms A Health Risk?

Are wind farms a health risk? US scientist identifies ‘wind turbine syndrome’ By Margareta Pagano, August 2, 2009 Until now, the Government and the wind companies have denied any health risks associated with the powerful noises and … Read On »

Ontario Court Allows Lawsuits Against Wind Company & Landowners…Just a Matter of Time

Court accepts 22% to 50% loss of property values is occuring today: Court and Wind Company also acknowledge health and noise issues in context of motion Media Release by Eric K. Gillespie Professional Corporation Toronto, Ontario … Read On »

Thorne, R. Submission to Senate Inquiry into Wind Farms

Dr Robert Thorne entitled his submission: Wind Farms in a Rural Environment Potential for Serious Harm to Human Health Due to Noise Senate Inquiry into the Social and Economic Impacts of Rural Wind Farms January 2011 Dr … Read On »

Pierpont, Wind Turbine Syndrome – Executive Summary

Dr Nina Pierpont  These are the findings: 1) Wind turbines cause wind turbine syndrome. We know this because people have … Read On »