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Chapman, S. St George, A. Factoid of Wind Turbines Causing ‘Vibroacoustic Disease’ – ‘Irrefutably Demonstrated’

How the factoid of wind turbines causing ‘Vibroacoustic Disease’ came to be ‘irrefutably demonstrated’ Chapman S. and St George A. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health June, 2013; 33: 244-249 (from the Public Health Association of … Read On »

Vibroacoustic Disease: The Biological Effects of Infrasound.. Alves-Pereira, Castelo Branco

Vibroacoustic disease: Biological effects of infrasound and low-frequency noise explained by mechanotransduction cellular signalling Mariana Alves-Pereira, Nuno A.A. Castelo Branco, … Read On »

Castelo Branco, The Clinical Stages of Vibroacoustic Disease

Dr Nuno Castelo Branco Author information• Occupational Medicine Research Center, Lisbon, Portugal. Aviat Space Environ Med. 1999 Mar;70(3 Pt 2):A32-9. Abstract BACKGROUND: Vibroacoustic disease (VAD) is an occupational disease occurring in susceptible workers who have had … Read On »