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Johansson, Dr Mauri, M.D. Highly Alarming Position Paper from a Medical Association (AMA)

Mauri Johansson, MD, Master in Humanities and Health Studies Specialist in Community and Occupational Medicine (including Environmental Medicine) Denmark (Europe) … Read On »

Mikolajczak, J. Preliminary Studies, Growing Geese in Proximity of Wind Turbines

Preliminary studies on the reaction of growing gees to the proximity of wind turbines J. Mikolajczak, S. Borowski, J. Marc-Pienkowska, … Read On »

Australian Environment Foundation: What Vestas Knew, and When

The National Forum – On Line Opinion, February 17, 2014 What Vestas Knew, and When This is a story about … Read On »

What VESTAS and the Wind Industry (AUSWEA) Knew about Inadequate Noise Prediction Models in 2004

The following Powerpoint Presentation delivered by VESTAS employee Erik Sloth at the AUSWEA conference in 2004 shows that VESTAS, Bonus … Read On »

Flyers Creek Planning Assessment Commission submission by Foundation

Waubra Foundation Address to the NSW Planning Assessment Commission hearing into Infigen’s proposed Flyers Creek Wind Development 11 February, 2014 Mr … Read On »

Vestas Launches “Act on Facts” Campaign

Vestas launches “Act on Facts” campaign Despite senior VESTAS engineer Erik Sloth publicly highlighting the known problems with wind turbine … Read On »