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Evans, A. Environmental Noise Pollution: Has Public Health Become Too Utilitarian?

Evans, A. (2017) Environmental Noise Pollution: Has Public Health Become too Utilitarian? Open Journal of Social Sciences, 5, 80-109. May 12, 2017 Abstract Environmental noise pollution is an ever-increasing problem. The various sources: Aircraft, Road … Read On »

Resonate Acoustics. Wind Farm Noise – Risks During Planning & Design

Powerpoint presentation by Tom Evans, Resonate Acoustics to Wind Industry Forum hosted by Clean Energy Council on 26 March 2015 The presentation covered the following topics: Different noise measurement protocols Noise prediction accuracy & influence of … Read On »

Zajamsek et al, Investigation: Time Dependent Nature of Infrasound Measured Near Wind Farm

Investigation of the time dependent nature of infrasound measured near a wind farm Branko ZAJAMŠEK; Kristy HANSEN; Colin HANSEN University of Adelaide, Australia ABSTRACT It is well-known that wind farm noise is dominated by low-frequency energy … Read On »

Hansen et al, Comparison of Noise Levels Measured, Wind Farm Shutdown & Operational Conditions

Comparison of the noise levels measured in the vicinity of a wind farm for shutdown and operational conditions Kristy HANSEN1; Branko ZAJAMŠEK1; Colin HANSEN1 1 University of Adelaide, Australia Inter.Noise 2014 ABSTRACT Outdoor and indoor microphone … Read On »

Emeritus Prof. Colin Hansen Submission SA Senate Inquiry on Wind Farm Developments

South Australian Senate Select Committee on Wind Farm Developments Submission by Emeritus Professor Colin Hansen, School of Mechanical Engineering, University of Adelaide Professor Hansen is the Chief Investigator on an Australian Research Council funded grant on … Read On »

Hansen, C.H. Comments: SA EPA Waterloo Wind Farm Environmental Noise Study 2013

Emeritus Professor Colin Hansen The following document is an analysis of the recent “Waterloo Wind Farm Environmental Noise Study” conducted … Read On »

Testimony, Thorne,R. Excessive Noise Bill Inquiry, Submission

Dr. Robert Thorne, Noise Measurement Services Pty. Ltd. Submission in favour of the Excessive Noise Bill, November 2012  The need … Read On »

Cooper, S. Submission to Excessive Noise from Wind Farms Inquiry

Steven Cooper, The Acoustic Group Pty Ltd, Consulting Acoustical & Vibration Engineers Submission to the Senate Inquiry into Excessive Noise … Read On »