2GB – Alan Jones interviews Professor Alec Salt

April 9th, 2014

Alan Jones interviews neurophysiologist Professor Alec Salt about the health consequences of wind power, and the coverup and denial of those known direct adverse health consequences. The symptoms long reported by the residents are now being explained by Professor Salt’s research into how the inner ear responds to infrasound and low frequency noise, and appears to induce a condition called endolypmphatic hydrops, resulting in nausea and dizziness in some people.

Other symptoms such as the repeated waking up suddenly at night in an anxious frightened panicked state were not mentioned during this interview, but are explained by other research findings of Professor Salt’s team, which are documented in the recent article by Professor Salt and Professor Lichtenhan in Acoustics Today, referred to during the interview.

Also referred to during the interview between Alan Jones and Professor Alec Salt was the AMA’s position statement on wind turbines and health, and the global reaction of outrage to the statement.