ACNC Show Cause Notice of Sub-type Revocation

On February 13, 2014 Assistant Commissioner David Locke of the ACNC wrote to the Foundation asking that it show cause why its registration as a health promotion charity should not be revoked. He added “There will be some consequences for the Foundation’s tax concessions”.

Mr Locke goes on to say: “…there is no scientifically rigorous, credible or authoritative research that I have been able to find that establishes a causal connection between the symptoms suffered by some people and their proximity to the wind farms…..”

Further, “Having considered the material you have provided, my current view is that there is insufficient evidence that ‘wind turbine syndrome’ or ‘vibroacoustic disease’ caused by proximity to wind turbines are recognised as human diseases or that the health problems that have been perceived by the complainants as being associated with living or working close to wind turbines are a disease.”

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