Acoustic Organisations, Codes of Conduct

Acoustical Engineers have a professional obligation to act in an ethical fashion, to act with honesty and integrity, and to put the health and safety of the community above private and commercial interests.

Australian Acoustical Society Code of Ethics

The Australian Acoustical Society Code of Ethics has the following statement:

1. Responsibility
The welfare, health and safety of the community shall at all times take precedence over sectional, professional and private interests. Their Code of Ethics may be downloaded here →

British Institute of Acoustics

The British Institute of Acoustics has the following statement:

  • so order their conduct as to uphold the dignity and reputation of the profession and of the Institute and of its members and officers
  • safeguard the public interest in matters of safety, health and the environment
  • exercise their professional skill and judgement to the best of their ability
  • discharge their professional responsibilities with integrity, honesty and diligence

View the British Acoustical Code of Conduct here →

Institute for Noise Control Engineering (for the USA and Canada)

The Institute for Noise Control Engineering (USA) has a detailed Canon of Ethics which states the following:

Noise control engineering is an important and learned profession crossing many branches of science and engineering. The members of the profession recognize that their work has a direct and vital impact on the quality of life for all people, and protects and preserves human hearing from the effects of excessive noise exposure. Accordingly, members of the Institute of Noise Control Engineering of the United States of America (INCE) must be honest, impartial, fair and equitable, and must be dedicated to the protection of the public health, safety, and welfare in the practice of their professional work. INCE members’ practice and professional behaviour must adhere to the highest principles of ethical conduct out of regard for the public, clients, employees, the profession at large, and the Institute of Noise Control Engineering itself.

I. Fundamental Canons

1. Hold paramount the safety, health and welfare of the public.

The USA Canon of Ethics may be viewed here →

Engineers Australia

The preamble to the Code of Ethics includes the following: “As engineering practitioners, we use our knowledge and skills for the benefit of the community to create engineering solutions for a sustainable future. In doing so, we strive to serve the community ahead of other personal or sectional interests.”

The Code of Ethics includes:
Clause 4 – Promote Sustainability – 4.2 Practise engineering to foster the health, safety and wellbeing of the community and the environment.

Read Engineers Australia Code of Ethics