Acoustic Pollution Assessment Requirements

On behalf of the many people around the world, suffering acute and chronic health damage from living near wind turbines and other emitters of infrasound, low frequency noise and vibration, the Waubra Foundation demands that relevant authorities initiate:

  • full frequency spectrum acoustic monitoring inside and outside the homes and workplaces of people claiming health problems caused by the proximity of operating wind turbines or other low frequency noise and vibration polluters;
  • the monitoring must be conducted for sufficient time, under the weather and wind conditions indicated by victims as being contributive to their symptoms;
  •  measurements must specifically include, infrasound and low frequency noise, (using dBLin, dBG, dBC, as well as dBA) and in the case of wind turbines must use narrow band analysis.

The noise monitoring must be performed by accredited acousticians demonstrably independent of the noise polluting industry, approved by the sufferers, and in a manner that will avoid any deliberate manipulation of turbine operation or other noise polluting operations to reduce the acoustic emissions during testing. The results (including all the raw data and associated sound files) must be made available to all parties.

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