Alan Jones 2GB Interviews Dr Alan Watts OAM

December 5, 2013

Alan Jones discusses the damaging effects of wind turbines and the level of community engagement with the issues.

Jones also interview Dr Alan Watts, OAM. Dr Watts talks about the damage to rural residents, the failure of the medical profession to speak out about the harm to human health, and the failure of three senior NSW Health Public Servants, Professor Wayne Smith, Dr Jeremy McAnulty and Dr Kerry Chant to acknowledge the existing peer reviewed published evidence of harm to human health from wind turbine noise.

Dr Watts particularly mentions the failure of these public servants to acknowledge and abide by their duty of care, and their code of conduct as public servants. Alan Jones and Dr Alan Watts mention numerous international court decisions which acknowledge the harm to human health, including the recent decision at Falmouth, USA where the judge issued an injunction to prevent further “irreparable harm to physical and psychological health”.