AMA Statement: Responses of Concerned Professionals, Citizens, & Impacted Residents

22nd March, 2014

The Australian Medical Association Position Statement: “Wind Farms and Health” 2014 has provoked instant national and international condemnation from those who have first hand knowledge of the damaging impact of wind turbine noise, including impacted residents, researchers, and professionals providing either clinical care or acoustic services.

Some people are writing privately to the AMA, urging them to remove or update the ignorant AMA position statement, whilst others would like their views made public. As the Waubra Foundation becomes aware of letters written to the AMA and receives permission to reproduce them, they are being posted below, in alphabetical order.

The Waubra Foundation’s Open Letter to the AMA is here.

The issue was mentioned in Federal Parliament by Senator Chris Back

An interview between Alan Jones and Senator John Madigan about the AMA is here:

Letters to the AMA in alphabetical order

Ashbee, Barbara. Resident in Ontario, Canada, driven out of her home from wind turbine noise and silenced

Association ADTC French Environment Group questions AMA & comments on World-Wide Health Scandal

Australian Environment Foundation AMA attitude, in light of paucity of research, is breathtaking 

Conn, Terrence. Rural Solicitor, New South Wales, Australia

Cool, Mark J. Resident of Falmouth, MA, USA, air traffic controller unable to work because of sleep deprivation whilst the turbines were operating at night

Correia, Shellie. Ontario resident, founder of Mothers Against Wind Turbines

Dale, Dennis, concerned South Australian resident.

Dean, Noel. Waubra resident who with his family has abandoned their farm due to ill health since Acciona’s Waubra Wind Farm commenced operation

Enbom, Dr Hakan, MD, PhD. Otoneurologist, Angelholm, Sweden

Evans, Emeritus Prof Alun. Epidemiologist, Centre for Public Health, The Queen’s University of Belfast

Gallandy-Jakobsen, Greta. Resident of Denmark

Gardner, Mrs. Ann C. Penshurst Victoria. Resident bearing the full brunt of ill health from AGL’s Macarthur wind facility

Goodall, Narelle & Alan. Residents of Western Australia facing proposed wind facility near their property

Green, Lilli-Ann, Resident of the USA, has listened to wind turbine residents around the world and recorded their stories on film

Hetherington, Janet “Jan”. Impacted resident near AGL’s Macarthur wind Development, Victoria, Australia

Holtkampf, Janet. Holland Health Practitioner

Hopkins, Dr Gary D. Emergency Physician, South Australia

Janssen, Berni M et al. Impacted residents at Acciona’s Waubra Wind Farm

Jelbart, Chris. Impacted resident near AGL’s Macarthur Wind Development, Victoria, Australia

Jennings, Nick. Former Chairman of the New Zealand Mountain Safety Council

Johansson, Dr Mauri, M.D. Specialist in Community & Occupational Medicine, Denmark

Jonkman, Elisabeth “Lies”. Impacted resident affected by ILFN from multiple sources in the Netherlands

Krogh, Carmen. Researcher & Retired Senior Pharmacist with Health Canada, Ontario

Love, Virginia Stewart. Resident and grandchildren affected by wind turbines, Ontario

McMurtry, Professor R. Researcher, Expert Witness, Former Dean Medical School, Ontario, Canada

McPherson, Geoff. Marine Fisheries Acoustic Consultant

Maddock, Pamela. Resident severely affected by environmental noise, New South Wales

Metcalfe, Mrs V.C.K Community Councillor, Argyll, Scotland, who took a case to UNECE

Mitchell, Peter R. Chair of the Waubra Foundation, Retired Engineer

Mortimer, David. Impacted turbine host, Infigen’s Lake Bonney Wind Development, South Australia

Nicholson, Rikki. Impacted resident Pacific Hydro’s Cape Bridgewater wind Development, Victoria Australia

Palmer, William. Professional Engineer, Ontario, Canada

Papadopoulos, George. Pharmacist, Yass, NSW

Rahilly, Dr Patrick. UK Paediatrician

Rapley, Dr Bruce, PhD in acoustics & human health. Researcher in New Zealand

Reider, Dr Sandy MD, Primary Care Physician, Vermont USA, has treated impacted residents

Rovensky, Mrs. J.D. Resident of South Australia

Stamos, Marie. Quincy USA

Tibbetts, Dr. Jay J. MD, Primary Care Physician, Wisconsin, USA, has treated impacted residents

Vivers, Andrew. Scottish Resident affected by Ark Hill wind project

Ware, Melissa. Impacted resident near Pacific Hydro’s Cape Bridgewater Wind Development, Victoria Australia
See also Melissa Ware’s second letter to the AMA dated 24 May, 2014 

Waite, Geoffrey. Retired Psychologist, Victoria, Australia

World Council for Nature (WCFN) Chairman, Mark Duchamp

Name Withheld, Retired Nurse & Midwife facing approved West Wind wind project, Moorabool, Victoria

Name Withheld, South Australia