AMA – What Happened to Your Code of Ethics?

To the Council of the AMA
Dear Sirs,

I was truly appalled to read your recent view on wind farms & health. What happened to your code of ethics? The Hippocratic Oath? …AMA HUGE FAIL! 

You speak about the “available evidence” yet there has never been actual testing of the people living within 10km of a wind farm that might actually provide any evidence, am I correct?

For 5 years countless Drs & specialists told me my symptoms were in my head or as AMA word it “no accepted physiological mechanism” then I found a one in a million Dr who actually listened to me, knew what to look for, understood & worked it out. Just because the scientific cause is not understood yet doesn’t mean the symptoms are not real, it just means no one has worked it out yet. Look at smoking for example.

I feel immensely sorry for those effected & then to make it worse they’re left to suffer labelled as hypochondriacs or liars.

Having personally lived through the embarrassment & humiliation of being either misdiagnosed as depressed or having anxiety (for the record I have neither) & continually not believed or heard, I can not understand how the AMA can possibly sprout such rubbish that looks more like it belongs in a Trustpower brochure than on an Australian medical website that is meant to be there to set the standards of ethical behaviour expected of doctors.

Your meant to be looking after the public not the big companies & their big $$$. The whole thing reeks of corruption.

(Name Withheld)
South Australia
April 1, 2014

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