Ambrose, S. Ltr to AAAC Chairman Regarding Misleading ‘Infrasound’ Statement

Experienced Acoustician Stephen E Ambrose writes:…”I cannot believe that AAAC leadership exhibits the lack of inquisitive interest in trying to understand the reasons for so many visceral public complaints about living near a large wind turbine.”

I have been investigating wind turbine complaints for only four years, yet I have more than 35 years’ experience in noise control and community noise assessments. I am stunned to learn that the AAAC promotes acoustical investigations with dear ears and blind eyes.

Wind turbine noise assessments are easy; go out during strong winds, listen and measure when the wind turbine is operating at full power output. Measure un-weighted octave bank frequencies, dBL, dBC and dBA. Too often weighted octave bands mislead all.

When with a neighbour, look at them and listen to what they say. Neighbours are real witnesses to public harm.

Large wind turbines have been acoustically investigated back to the 1980’s, both upwind and downwind versions. N.D. Kelley and many others found that large wind turbines generate loud noise with low frequencies detectable at several milometers, especially in quiet environments.

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