Are Wind Farms Bad For Your Health?

Joanna Della-Ragione, EXPRESS, August 11, 2012

In a wide ranging article on wind turbines in Great Britain, Della-Ragione explores the issue of adverse health effects suffered by turbine neighbours as well as quoting from RenewableUK’s Deputy Chief Executive.

“Reports from across the world suggest turbines can trigger a range of problems from migraines and disrupted sleep to heart disease, tinnitus, vertigo and panic attacks.

Leading American doctor Nina Pierpont studied symptoms displayed by those living near such turbines in the US, UK, Italy, Ireland and Canada and identified what she dubbed as Wind Turbine Syndrome (WTS).

Rather than the high-frequency sounds produced by wind farms that can be disruptive but are relatively harmless, WTS is triggered by low-frequency sound waves or infrasound, which can cause visceral vibratory vestibular disturbance – abnormal stimulation of parts of the inner ear.

Stand directly beneath the rotating arms of a turbine and the chances are you won’t hear much. But depending on the topography, wind direction and weather conditions, a few hundred feet away it’s a very different story.

One person who knows this better than most is Jane Davis, a retired health visitor and midwife who lived on a farm half a mile from the Deeping St Nicholas wind farm in Lincolnshire. The eight turbines were built in 2006 and within three days of their becoming operational the Davis family noticed a constant hum emanating from them.

“We had issues with various loud noises and low-frequency sounds that created a hum in the house all the time, not just when the turbines were turning,” says Jane.

Within weeks they developed a long list of grave health problems. Jane’s father-in-law John suffered a heart attack and developed tinnitus, hearing loss, vertigo and depression.

Mother-in-law Eileen suffered pneumonia and kidney and bladder problems and husband Julian developed pneumonia, depression and an increased heart rate. All of them suffered from sleep deprivation. None of them had any significant health problems before.

Coincidence? Perhaps, but there have been further scientific studies carried out on the low-frequency sound waves the turbines emit and their possible effects on the body.”

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