Association ADTC – Avis De Tempête Cévenole. A Worldwide “Health Scandal”

OPEN LETTER by French environmental group

to AMA President Dr Steve Hambleton
to AMA Vice-President Professor Geoffrey Dobb
to All Members of AMA Federal Council

We are a small environmental group in southeastern France, dealing primarily with local issues which have included, in recent years, environmental impacts of shale gas exploration projects, forest management in the context of the emerging biomass industry, and industrial wind turbine developments in rural areas.

We are aware that you recently issued a statement to the effect that no health effects should be feared from infrasound and low frequency noise (ILFN) from industrial wind turbines (IWTs).

We also understand that, following your statement, a number of counter-statements have been issued by individuals and organisations whose views on the matter diverge from yours, among them an open letter by Waubra Foundation which amounts to a comprehensive challenge to your pronouncement.

Based on our own research into that topic, we have reasons to believe that these counter- statements are made in good faith, and reflect rather accurately the reality of what happens around industrial windfarms. In particular, as we observe that Wind Turbine Syndrome (WTS) has been evolving, slowly but surely, into a worldwide “health scandal” – according to the definition of that phrase by a panel of french NGOs, we tend to regard the Waubra Foundation as credible, and therefore useful in their whistle-blowing role.

Consequently, we would like here to do three things:

1. to assure you that all aspects of the challenge raised by the Waubra Foundation in their open letter to yourselves seem to us meaningful, reasonable, substantiated, and fair;

2. to echo and illustrate in our own way, based on our own context and information, the same issues as the Waubra Foundation and others have been raising;

3. to raise our own questions regarding your approach to epistemology- and ethics-related aspects of the matter at hand. …

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