Australian Federal Senate Inquiry into Wind Farms & Health – Report (incl. Recommendations)

Following an extensive public inquiry, the Federal Senate Inquiry into The Social & Economic Effect of Rural Wind Farms, tabled its Report in June 2011.

The seven recommendations were:

Recommendation 1
2.44 The Committee considers that the noise standards adopted by the states and territories for the planning and operation of rural wind farms should include appropriate measures to calculate the impact of low frequency noise and vibrations indoors at impacted dwellings.

Recommendation 2
2.58 The Committee recommends that the responsible authorities should ensure that complaints are dealt with expeditiously and that the complaints processes should involve an independent arbitrator. State and local government agencies responsible for ensuring compliance with planning permissions should be adequately resourced for this activity.

Recommendation 3
2.69 The Committee recommends that further consideration be given to the development of policy on separation criteria between residences and wind farm facilities. 

Recommendation 4
2.101 The Committee recommends that the Commonwealth Government initiate as a matter of priority thorough, adequately resourced epidemiological and laboratory studies of the possible effects of wind farms on human health.

This research must engage across industry and community, and include an advisory process representing the range of interests and concerns.

Recommendation 5
2.102 The Committee recommends that the NHMRC review of research should continue, with regular publication.

Recommendation 6
2.103 The Committee recommends that the National Acoustics Laboratories conduct a study and assessment of noise impacts of wind farms, including the impacts of infrasound.

Recommendation 7
3.99 The Committee recommends that the draft National Wind Farm Development Guidelines be redrafted to include discussion of any adverse health effects and comments made by NHMRC regarding the revision of its 2010 public statement.

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