Baldwin, David. I Would Hate for Any Other Family to Have to Suffer

To South Ayrshire Council

Proposed Assel Valley Wind Farm

Subsequent to sending my recent objection letter, further evidence has come to light regarding AM or Amplitude Modulated Noise from Wind Turbines. This evidence is the result of the Court of Appeal Judgement C1/2010/2166/QBACF, copy included with this letter. This decision recognises AM Noise as a phenomenon that is not fully taken into account in ETSU-R-97 and as such, should be subject to specific planning conditions for AM Noise as a standalone element.

Our family home is currently affected a great deal by the noticeable pulsed volume of the whooshing blades of the Hadyard Hill turbines and we have been complaining to environmental health etc. since 2006.

We are now beginning to get a result from our complaints, having been visited by the night time noise team at times when the turbines have been noticeably loud. This however has been a very stressful, long drawn out process, with still no final outcome visible in the near future. The developer in our case has agreed to carry out further sound testing. Yet this will only be to see if they are exceeding limits set in ETSU-R-97, due to there being no AM noise condition in the planning consent, because at that time is was not fully recognised as a likely problem.

I believe the noise we are subject to, is very often AM noise and would hate for any other family to have to suffer the way both ourselves and our neighbours have for the last 5+ years. Therefore I feel that should this development be given the go ahead, the planning consent should include detailed AM noise conditions similar to those included in C1/2010/2166/QBACF.

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David Baldwin (Assel Valley Resident)

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