Bray,W. James, R. Dynamic Measurements of Wind Turbine Acoustic Signals…Noise-Con 2011

Dynamic measurements of wind turbine acoustic signals, employing sound quality engineering methods considering the time and frequency sensitivities of human perception.

NOISE-CON 2011, Portland, Oregon
Wade Bray, Richard James

A non-technical summary of findings

A set of binaural time-recordings and analyses of wind turbine noise outside and inside a residence in Huron County, Michigan, made over two days and the intervening night in December 2009, is presented, centreing on analysis at the time/frequency resolutions of human hearing according to the well-established practices of sound quality engineering and Soundscaping.

The reason the wind industry experts could claim that wind turbines produce insignificant levels of infra and low frequency sound is not because there isn’t any, but instead, because the instruments/methods they used could not detect it. They went hunting for a needle in the haystack using a magnet when the needle was made out of plastic.

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