Chapman, S. St George, A. Factoid of Wind Turbines Causing ‘Vibroacoustic Disease’ – ‘Irrefutably Demonstrated’

How the factoid of wind turbines causing ‘Vibroacoustic Disease’ came to be ‘irrefutably demonstrated’

Chapman S. and St George A. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health June, 2013; 33: 244-249 (from the Public Health Association of Australia website)

This paper investigated the citation patterns of papers describing Vibroacoustic disease.

They assert that because only one group of researchers have done most of the investigating and publishing that VAD should be considered a “non disease”

The paper ignores the credible scientific evidence and research findings, and the authors clearly fail to comprehend their clinical significance.

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See the response to this paper by Alves-Periera/Castelo Branco, the authors of the original research