Nobbs B, Doolan C, Moreau D, Characterisation – Noise in Homes Affected by Wind Turbine Noise

Benjamin Nobbs, Con J. Doolan and Danielle J. Moreau
Proceedings of Acoustics 2012 – Fremantle Australia, November 21-23 2012

Traditional means of measuring noise in residents’ homes affected by wind turbine noise may not have the required fidelity to capture important features of noise character. Features such as amplitude modulation and low frequency noise are not able to be resolved from standard techniques that rely upon 10-minute averages and A-weighting.

However, it is difficult to record noise in sufficient detail in the field to resolve these effects due to large data storage and postprocessing requirements. Annoyance events may be hard to predict and only occur once per day, or occur when certain weather conditions are present.

Continuous recordings in these situations are sometimes impractical and a different methodology is needed. To overcome these issues, a new resident-controlled noise and annoyance measurement system has been devised and is presented in this paper.

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