Cherry Tree VCAT Hearing, Peter Mitchell Closing Statement

Peter Mitchell, AM, Chair of the Waubra Foundation, was invited by the Tribunal to make a closing statement at the conclusion of the long hearing into the Cherry Tree Wind Farm.

“Omitting any consideration of low frequency noise, which is known to be associated with sleep disturbance, is a planning and noise regulatory “blueprint” for an exhausted sick population of neighbours.”

The probability that operating wind turbines are the source of many of the reported health and sleep problems is virtually 100%.

The magnitude, severity and cruelty of the health effects have been established and it is appalling that this quite shocking treatment of citizens in a democratic society has not been addressed by Responsible Authorities.

The continuing use of the NZ6808 noise standard as the sole director of health protection will guarantee that every new wind project will cause substantial and widespread harm.


The Waubra Foundation recommends that the Tribunal Members conclude that the residents have well researched and presented reasons to oppose the project; that the Mitchell Shire Council’s unanimous rejection of the project fairly and properly represented the wishes of the residents; that there is no net community benefit in the project going forward, and indeed quite the reverse, in that the health, well being, amenity and assets of the community, being the immediate neighbours to this wind development, will be seriously damaged by this deplorably sited project.

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