Cheshire, P. Wellington Power Generator Could Result in Class Action

JP Paul Cheshire warns the Director of Infrastructure Projects, NSW Dept of Planning and Environment, about the potential of a class action from jail detainees and prison officers once long term health issues arise from the proximity of the proposed gas-fired power station at Wellington, NSW.


Director Infrastructure Projects Karen Jones
Department Planning and Environment
Sydney NSW 2001

12 June 2015

Good morning Director Jones

Re: Proposed Gas Fired Power Generator Wellington NSW.

You would be aware the proposed Power Generator will be located close to the Wellington Correctional Centre. You will also be aware of the potential and actual health hazards associated with this type of generator, based on evidence provided by people in various area’s where Gas Fired Generators are currently located.

The detainee’s and Wellington Prison Officers working in close proximity to the proposed generator will be directly adversely affected, and in turn, could and probably will lodge a class action against the authority and it’s staff if the proposal is approved, and after the long term health issues start to emerge.

The prisoners have no right of appeal as to where they are incarcerated, and the sentence they are currently serving does not include being subjected to the distinct possibility of long term health issues, after serving their sentence. 

An important part of the safe operation of a correctional centre is to keep all situations under control and calm. If prisoners feel they are under threat from a source that has been unfairly foisted on them, there is a distinct possibility of unrest, leading to the potential for more serious events to occur.

I hope common sense prevails and your decision and your departments decision is to not approve the Gas fired power station in Wellington.

Yours truly,

Paul Cheshire J.P.

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