Chris Jelbart Writes to AMA re Appalling Public Statement

I am appalled at the Position Statement that the AMA has put out regarding Wind Farms and Health.  

Chris Jelbart, impacted by the Macarthur Wind Development writes AMA office bearers
March 17, 2014

This statement smacks of collusion with the wind industry, and is nearly a direct quote of all the propaganda they put forward to the gullible public. I would have hoped that a professional body such as the AMA would think independently about this growing and serious health issue, and looked a little deeper into the mounting evidence that will condemn wind farms to being recognised as the danger to health that they are. 

My family is fortunate to live on the volcanic plains in Western Victoria, but have been severely impacted by the insidious nature of noise from the Macarthur wind farm. We have been subjected to audible noise which at times can be clearly heard above the television. We also know, through paying an acoustician, that our house is subject to infrasound. This causes my husband severely disturbed sleep. It also impacts on two sons when they are at home. I suffer bouts of nausea, which seemed to ease up over the summer – different wind direction generally – but in the last couple of days, as the wind blows from the west I have had a couple of “attacks”. 

It concerns me that when I reported severe nausea (dry retching over the kitchen sink – and I’m 59) to my GP he said it wouldn’t be caused by noise from the wind farm. However, if that is his belief, then isn’t he negligent to not investigate further? 

I believe the AMA has taken a very dangerous position here to the detriment of the health of rural Australians. Until there is multi-disciplinary research this position cannot be justified. 

Chris Jelbart
Penshurst 3289

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