Clean Energy Regulator – Letter of Notice

Letter of Notice – to the Clean Energy Regulator, Australia
April 5 2013

The Board members of the Waubra Foundation wish to advise that we are formally putting you individually on notice that the Clean Energy Regulator is funding the activities of some wind turbine power generators which are directly causing serious harm to the health of surrounding neighbours, in particular from severe sleep deprivation.

The Foundation also has good reason to believe that a number of power generators may be obtaining RECS whilst knowingly exceeding allowable audible noise limits allowed by existing state wind turbine noise guidelines.

The commonest problem reported by residents including turbine hosts is chronic severe sleep deprivation, well known to be directly associated with serious harm to physical and mental health, and well known to be caused by night time environmental noise exposure, including frequencies below 200 Hz which are not currently included in existing wind turbine noise guidelines. The specific exclusion of these frequencies from noise monitoring renders the current guidelines inadequate to protect human health.

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