Clean Energy Regulator – Response to Waubra Foundation Letter of Notice

From: CER – Chair
Date: April 22, 2013
To: Dr Sarah Laurie

Subject: RE: Letter of Notice [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

Dear Dr Laurie

The enclosed response to your email and attachments was posted to you on Wednesday 17 April (please see attached). The Clean Energy Regulator is aware of VCAT’s decision to adjourn the application by Cherry Tree Wind Farm Pty Ltd. VCAT’s reasons for this adjournment are not relevant to the exercise by the Clean Energy Regulator of its responsibilities as explained in the enclosed letter.

Kind regards


Australian Government
Clean Energy Regulator
Office of the Chair

Dear Dr Laurie

Thank you for your letter of 5 April 2013 concerning wind turbine power generation .

In relation to the concerns outlined in your letter, all wind farms currently accredited under the Renewable Energy (Electricity) Act 2000 were assessed by the Clean Energy Regulator at the time accreditation was granted. All were found to be compliant with state and territories planning regulations. To monitor ongoing compliance, the Clean Energy Regulator undertakes risk-based audits and requires accredited wind farms to confirm their ongoing compliance with state and territory planning regulations on an annual basis. No Large Scale Generation Certificates can be registered on the Renewable Energy Certificate Registry (www .rec-registrv unless accreditation is in place.

In your letter you provided a number of attachments and references alleging adverse health effects caused by the operation of wind farms . The Clean Energy Regulator is also aware of the findings in other reports that do not support your assertions , including recent studies pointing to the “nocebo” effect as a potential cause of the health effects you have claimed.

The Clean Energy Regulator takes its regulatory responsibility seriously and we take appropriate action under our legislation when we consider it to be required. Your correspondence provides no information which has not already been investigated by the Clean Energy Regulator. Nor does your letter provide any grounds for withdrawing or suspending the accreditation of any wind farm currently accredited under the Renewable Energy (Electricity) Act 2000.

Yours sincerely
Chloe Munro
Chair, Clean Energy Regulator

17 April 2013

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