Co-operative Measurement Survey & Analysis of Low Frequency & Infrasound at The Shirley Wind Farm

Prepared Cooperatively By:

Channel Islands Acoustics, Camarillo, CA – Principal: Dr. Bruce Walker
Hessler Associates, Inc., Haymarket, VA – Principals: George F. and David M. Hessler
Rand Acoustics, Brunswick, ME – Principal: Robert Rand
Schomer and Associates, Inc., Champaign, IL -Principal: Dr. Paul Schomer

December 24, 2012

Clean Wisconsin is a nonprofit environmental advocacy organization that works to protect Wisconsin’s air and water and to promote clean energy. As such, the organization is generally supportive of wind projects. Clean Wisconsin was retained by the Wisconsin Public Service Commission (PSC) to provide an independent review of a proposed wind farm called the Highlands Project to be located in St. Croix County, WI (WI PSC Docket 2535-CE-100). Clean Wisconsin in turn retained Hessler Associates, Inc. (HAI) to provide technical assistance.

During the course of the hearings, attorneys representing groups opposed to the Highlands project, presented witnesses that lived near or within the Shirley Wind project in Brown County, WI. The Shirley wind project is made up of eight Nordex100 wind turbines that is one of the turbine models being considered for the Highlands projects. These witnesses testified that they and their children have suffered severe adverse health effects to the point that they have abandoned their homes at Shirley. They attribute their problems to arrival of the wind turbines.

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