Concerns End Wind Farm Plans

Graham Lloyd
The Australian August 24 2012

NOISE and health concerns have scuttled plans for a second major wind farm development in South Australia this month.

AGL Energy yesterday formally withdrew from an appeal to its 33-turbine Hallett Three wind farm near Mount Bryan following a lengthy court battle with local residents.

Opponents of the development claim the company had withdrawn from the project rather than hand over noise records for an existing nearby wind farm development, Hallett Two.

The company said it had withdrawn because it was considering “more economic wind turbine technology” that would require a new application.

The Environment, Resources and Development Court ruled on July 31 that AGL provide residents with noise data from the Hallett Two wind farm.

“When it looked like noise problems would be raised in public, AGL took its bat and ball and went home,” the legal representative for its opponents, Peter Quinn, said.

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